The August & September Playlists


Here’s my version of “this year is really flying by”. Two playlists from two months, neither of which we are currently in. I don’t really remember what happened in August and September. I’m not sure whether that’s cause my memory is shot or cause I’m not doing anything worth remembering. I’d rather it be theĀ former.

I remember reorganising my desk for the 64377382th time. Buying my first physical setwork book because it has a pretty cover. I GOT MY DIVER’S LICENCE. I’ve revived a temperamental houseplant at least 7 times. I downloaded Dropbox. (I’m a google-girl so it’s significant.) I did so after an ‘automatic WP update plugin’ told me remote backups via Google Drive are the most complicated to set up. (It doesn’t take much to sway me to back down when it comes to computing.) Dropbox told me my password was weak, so pls, nobody hack me.

I’ve also been super uninspired. Kamers helped me get over that a bit. And I think Sanlam’s Handmade Contemporary Fair next weekend will help too. Also, music always helps.

So here’s August’s playlist

And here’s September’s

I like all the songs, obvi, but you should pay particular attention to:


You can find my souncloud here in case you want to follow my music-loves in real time.

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