About Danielle



I’m Danielle. Always nice to have you here.

Here is full of places to go, food dessert to eat and me chatting about things that make me happy, hoping they’ll make you happy too. Sometimes art, sometimes fashion sometimes something else.

I hope you enjoy these pieces. They’re helping me cross off items on my bucket list, explore new places, find out new things about the world and myself (oooh, introspective). Maybe they’ll help you too.

I’m learning. It’s hard to bring a physical being (myself) across in words. I do not exhale eloquent phrases as easy as breath. It’s clumsy and silly and I write and rewrite. And I still get red-inked circles all over.

I repeat the same words a lot. I don’t know how to spell privledge//privlige (??). I’m never quite satisfied with the things I produce.

So I’m learning. And you’re helping me through your passive consumption of this blog. Make it active? I wouldn’t mind.


I am very excited to share things. Not only with other bodies, but with future me and future mini-me (maybe?).


There are people who may be mentioned here that I should mention here. I have a mom (I’ll refer to her as mom), a dad (I’ll refer to him as dad) and a brother (I’ll refer to him as – wait – Nicholas). We have a cat named Mac who recently found a friend who I’m desperate to adopt. I have a boyfriend who’ll be called Dean, cause that’s his name. There’s Flopsy too – my teddy. (If you have a teddy you’ll know why Flopsy’s been mentioned in this list.)


I’m 20 and Joburg-based. Based makes it sound like I jet off to more exotic locations on weekends – I don’t.

I’m doing a BA at Wits. I take Art History, Linguistics, French and English. I did first year at UCT and missed home a lot. Now I miss UCT sometimes.

I’ve worked retail. I’m working service.

I dance twice a week.

I have a blank wall in my room and I need help deciding what to do with it.


These things will influence my experiences. So I thought I should mention them.

I’ll probably edit this in a week. See you then!