5 Fashion Things


If I was Veruca Salt I could scream “Daddyy” and these items would be delivered by stalk in no time. If I was Veruca… a bunch of squirrels would be my demise… So maybe it’s best I’m not.

I lust over many a fashion item I’ll never have (read: might never – “never say never”) since I’m characteristically broke and since 90% of the items are from major international online retailers. (Shipping to South Africa in my mind is a total no-go – don’t tell me otherwise or I’ll be coming at you with 5 fashion things that made me broke.)


1. Liquid T-shirt from Urban Outfitters
(Image source: Urban Outfitters)


I would wear this with everything. Heck, I would wear this with nothing. I would pass it down to my child. I would cut it in two and make two tiny teddy bear shirts if I had two children. I mean this fabric is heart-eyes. It reminds me of Harry’s invisibility cloak and, well, we all want that.


2. Cozzie from Solid and Stripped
(Image source: Net-a-Porter)














To aid in my quest to look just as cool as a surfing Suki Waterhouse. Covers jelly belly, low back, vertical stripes – what more could you ask for?


3. Dahl Mules by Rachel Comey
(Image source: Anthropologie)


Let’s be clear, at $449 (R6000 +) these boots were not made for walking. I’m behind the mule trend all the way (behind as in fully support, and behind as in I still don’t own a pair) but I require these beauts in my possession solely for display purposes. They would sit atop a shelf and be admired each moment of each day. They’re one of those pretty things where staring at them long enough makes them ugly. Or they start off ugly and become pretty. I’m not sure, but I’m obsessed.


4. Socks by Bonne Maison
(Image source: Bonne Maison)


You really don’t need a reason to wear art on your feet.


5. Sports Bra by Vimmia
(Image source: Anthropologie)


Workout gear that might actually make me want to work out. I’m not kidding, I imagine myself wearing these and I’m instantly elevated to pro-yogi status. Right now I’m at yogi-bear status, so I’m really lusting here. (I could get away with going out out in this right?)


BONUS: Li’l Sebastian T-shirt

(It’s hard not to include this in every list I make)


What fashiony bit are you lusting over?

– Danielle

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