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  • Weekend Picks #1

    Welcome to Weekend Picks where I pick some things to brighten up your weekend. AKA I have no life and spend my weekends on my laptop, so somebody should be benefiting from it. Weekend Picks are useful if you like to look at nice things and let the nice things make you feel nice. Super useful […]

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  • 5 Fashion Things


    If I was Veruca Salt I could scream “Daddyy” and these items would be delivered by stalk in no time. If I was Veruca… a bunch of squirrels would be my demise… So maybe it’s best I’m not. I lust over many a fashion item I’ll never have (read: might never – “never say never”) […]

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  • The July Playlist


    I’ve done the online music rounds. I started on 8tracks. Made this playlist. Ventured around Indie Shuffle. Discovered SoundCloud. Stumbled upon Deezer. (My relationship with Deezer was fleeting since my phone is forever on 100mb of storage. Good news though – Deezer for Mac and PC is now a thing. I’d highly recommend it – […]